I am the Authority on Nothing

February 22, 2011

It’s incredible to me  that somewhere along the way to turning 50 – I somehow became stupid. Every other day – it becomes more and more apparent that I know very little and am the authority of nothing. I used to be the one that they all relied upon to have all the answers – now when I give my answer or my opinion I hear the buzzer go off – you know, like on one of those TV Game Shows. BZZZ – No – that’s not it! My children are quasi grown-ups, so they, of course, have all the answers – but even my husband seems to hop on board with them from time to time so that leaves me to think that maybe I really have no idea of what’s going on…..makes you wonder how on earth I made it to 50 doesn’t it? Was it sheer dumb luck – or is it just a symptom of being a woman…of being a mother?


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