Don’t Tease Me, Mother Nature!

February 6, 2011

Snow? AGAIN?!  What’s up with that? After a week of bitter cold, followed by a snowstorm plus two days of struggling, Mother Nature teased me with a taste of spring yesterday  – that’s right – a taste of spring. It was downright balmy yesterday; the sun was out and I was walking with my coat unbuttoned – hat, scarf and gloves left behind – no need for them! Then, this morning I wake up to blanket of snow (yeah,yeah  alright, so it’s kind of  pretty  – whatever!) – complete with plowed in driveway…Mother Nature, I don’t appreciate your shenanigans. In fact, it is your fault that I went shopping yesterday – that’s right Missy! You waved that springtime under my nose and I was inspired to go out and buy a gauzy, flowery shirt….and then you hit me with this snow? And while I was sleeping, no less! You play dirty, Mother Nature, and I do not accept this cold joke. I’ll show you – I will wear that new spring top today and I will look fabulous…even if I have to wear a tank-top underneath and a sweater on top…..(sigh)


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