The Aftermath!

February 4, 2011

Day 2 of the snowstorm -the “aftermath” – shall we say. I wake up – see that the streets have been cleared and am feeling positive. The sun is out – I can actually back out of my driveway; hey – it’s brand new day! I tell my son “sure, I’ll drive you to the subway, just hop in the car” – and double bonus – it doesn’t even have to be cleared off! Whoo-hoo! And it’s PAYDAY! So I am pumped…until, that is, I get around the block. Oh the streets are cleared all right – except they are only one lane instead of the usual two. That’s ok, I tell myself, we’ll work this through and it’s still a beautiful, sunny payday!

Radio’s on – my son and I are chatting and laughing, I feel a super-duper day comin’ on! Hmm.. this? A bit of a slow down on the most major street we have in our city? That’s a touch suspect. I feel like it might be starting to cloud over (in the car, at least). I shoot down a side street…oh, oh… I’, slippin’ and slidin’ again. It’s  jammed on the next street too, but I have no choice – we are moving, just slowly. We get a bit further – and it is bumper-to bumper, borderline standstill (it is most definitely clouding over in the car now). I have a few swear words that I toss around under my breath….I go up to the next main street…WORSE. Dear God in Heaven – what the hell is going on here!? Why haven’t they cleaned the streets properly – why haven’t they put sand and salt down? Swear words are rising to  an audible level. My son is chuckling nervously – not because of the colorful language coming fro his precious mother’s lips, but because he is now late for an important class. We finally decide, 45 minutes on the road, that I let him off at the bus stop – because I am late too . He hops out and I tell him to pass cross in front of the vehicle so that I don’t hit him  (like I’m actually going to run over my son!), silly, irritated “mother speak.”

I then back-track the three block to where I work….no where to park – the street has been cleaned…umm- rather a  strip down the center of it has been cleaned (did I mention that I work at a community center – hellllo city…where are you?). So, ’round and ’round the block I go – where I’ll park, nobody knows…what I do know, is that the new boss coming in and I have a classroom of pre-schoolers waiting for their teacher to arrive. Stress level is climbing. I decide, after 15 solid minutes of rounding that damn block, that if I can’t find parking – I’m going home (to write my blog!). But – the parking angels (and I am here to tell you – they do exist!) smile upon me and lo and behold – a parking spot in the parking lot….new boss had better not be hoping for it because I”M GRABBING IT!

I get into work, and with an appropriate amount of huffing and puffing, walk into my classroom to see that it is full….with all of two children! So, it has taken me and hour and a  half  to get to work which, by the way, on a normal day – is a 7 minute drive door-to-door. The capper? I’ve left my shoes and my lunch at home – so am destined to trudge through the day in my extra furry lined winter boots in a building where the heat is on”crazy.” I take back the day, last week, when I said I love snow….


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