SUV – U owe Me!

February 3, 2011

Alright. We’ve had a blizzard – white out conditions yesterday and there I was in my Ford Escape, getting stuck three times – THREE TIMES! I have no 4-wheel drive – I mean, for crying out loud my vehicle is merely a car wearing a fab looking SUV costume…not that I don’t love my vehicle – but yesterday, I was looking at a truck divorce.

So I go to leave work – cannot get out of the parking lot (in my defense, the bloody lot has not been plowed…hello! I work in a community center…) An angel of a gentleman came along as I was spinning and smoldering (both inside and outside of the car) and pushed me. I thanked both him and my lucky stars. So now I was anxious to get home to my youngest who’d be walking home from school soon. Well, Lord be! I get home to see that my driveway has been plowed in (more smoldering!). I park the truck awkwardly and jump out with my shovel and begin to heave-ho the snow. My next door neighbour – a lovely gentleman who is probably about 60 comes over to give me a quick hand with his shovel. Ok – clear enough for me to pull in now – WRONG! I pull in and get stuck over an embarrassingly small ridge of snow. He comes trotting over to give me direction on keeping my wheels straight – easy on the gas. Guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK! Now I am blocking the street, the school busses will be arriving soon and I can go neither forward or backward. So he pushes me to no avail. The snow-clearing guy from two doors over comes along and together they push me in. Once again – I am thanking them both plus my lucky stars.

An hour later I have to drop my daughter off at my parents home, which on a regular day is a five-minute drive away, because I have a doctor appointment that I simply cannot break. Off we go – a slippin’ and a slidin’ – but we get there. I pull into their poorly cleared driveway (their snow guy hasn’t shown up yet) and drop her off….then I back out; or rather – I try to back out. Spin, spin, spin…dear Lord in Heaven – give me a break! He does – and I spin myself loose and take off. The doctor is also a 5 minute drive away…so about 45 minutes or going ’round and ’round the block, I can’t find parking! I call my Dad on my cell (thank you for the cell phone!) and tell him I am driving back to his house to pick him up and have him drive me back to the doctor’s office, where I plan to have him slow to a roll and I will jump out. Our plan goes well – and I arrive in enough time to breathe before I see her and she checks my blood pressure.

Good visit – Dad is on his way to pick me up …and the wind has picked up too, by the way. Wind, snow, white-out, slippy/slidey – I end up at home around 7pm. I am now freezing and wind blown….but as all we know, I was at the hairdressers earlier that afternoon – and somehow she has managed to work such magic that……….. I still look fabulous! God Bless the hairspray!


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