Looking fabulous

February 2, 2011

Why is it, that whenever I go for a hair appointment – wind velocity changes?  I don’t go that often, and yet, somehow – this is the day where it’s raining  or windy or worse – like today, it’s going to snow. You know what that means – a hat….so I will look fabulous for the 10 minutes that I gaze into that mirror at my hairdresser’s – and then I will have hat hair for the rest of the day. Yeah yeah yeah – I’ve heard all the tricks “use a silk scarf” “use an umbrella” …Really? While I’m trying to hold my umbrella and wrestle it around in the wind before it turns inside out on me – I will have also soaked my clothes too….

When I get my hair done and feel like I’m looking fabulous – there is always someone in the next chair who asks me where I’m going later – you know, because I look so fabulous now. Well – 10 times out of 10 I’m just going home to make dinner and help kids with homework  but secretly,  I often go to the gas station first – a full service place where they fill up the tank for you – that way at least someone gets to see me out and about, looking fabulous. Ahhh – the life of a mother!


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