Private Jokes

January 4, 2011

I rang in the New Year in a wonderful way…spent the weekend, up in the country with a group of good friends. There was fabulous food, plenty of wine, and lots and lots of laughter.  We played a game on New Year’s Eve – in a nutshell; you are dealt a hand of cards with topics/items on them – and from that hand you select the item that you think the recipient will like the best (and when you get 4 cards that read bunnies, otters, kangaroos or wrestling – it’s not easy!). Of course, this led to peals of laughter and many jokes that continued to re-surface the entire weekend.

When we got home, my husband and I immediately uploaded (oh yeah – I’ve got the techie talk going now!) our photos and sat down with a glass of wine to re-live the weekend. We managed to laugh just as hard looking at the pictures – so you know it was a good time! Then later that evening, as we sat down to dinner – I asked him if he wanted a “bendy straw” (one of the cards in our New Year’s Eve game) with his dinner – he chuckled….and I realized that we a private joke – actually, after that weekend – we have a few private jokes. It made me feel like a kid – you know how kids are; giggling at little words and phrases that are private jokes. And I was reminded that at 50 years of age –  we are all still the same 10 year olds inside….and I also realized that, quite unexpectedly – I had been given a gift….no matter how many years you accumulate in life – those magical early ones are still tucked deep inside. How rejuvenating to live it out loud again!


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