The Future is Now

December 30, 2010

There have many times in my life that I have known what was going to happen. Exactly. In fact – it has happened so often that I don’t know why I haven’t paid more attention…although, paying attention doesn’t change the pictures you see in your head. There are some pictures that I see repeatedly – it’s as if I am rehearsing for the events that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, will happen. I know it with a certainty that lies deep within my soul – part of the fabric that makes up the being that I am. And so many of those pictures have happened – just as I saw them  – yet they are not premonitions, rather it’s as if they’ve already happened. Like anyone else, I still wonder, I still guess at what will happen from day to day – I have no hard and fast answers for things….but there are some things that I know for sure – and I don’t know how I know them…but when they come to pass, I think people wonder how I manage to get through them…and I guess the strength comes from having seen it all before – preparation without preparing.


One Response to “The Future is Now”

  1. westwood Says:

    An interesting talk on vulnerability and certainty that this reflection suggests to me that you may enjoy:

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