Pierced Ears

December 30, 2010

Life’s most precious moments really can be summed up in the tiny, almost inconsequential, moments- the moments that like bright and brilliant threads weave in and out of the fabric called Life.

My youngest daughter went to have her ears pierced today. Her Dad and I gave this to her as her Christmas gift. She was so excited and so nervous, all at the same time. We took her into the shop where the girls behind the counter had her sit up on a stool as they measured and marked where the holes in her ears would go. She was flush with excitement and asked me to hold her hands as the technicians placed the piercing gun to her ears. I felt her tremble slightly as I held her suddenly small hands in mine – and never losing her gaze, I smiled reassuringly as they pierced her ears. In that ever so brief moment we were One. We were joined by that invisible umbilical cord and in that slice of a moment I wished that I could always hold onto her like that – because I know that life will throw her near the edge from time to time – but I want to always be there, to hold her hands, to conceal her trembling and to lock into her gaze with the silent message that says I will always be here for you.


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