Asleep at the Meal?

December 7, 2010

Okay – I think I just may have sunk to a new low with a frightening revelation….I might be getting older. I know I’m only 50 and due to fab genetics (thank you Mom and Dad!) and staying out of the sun most of my life – I can easily pass for 10 years younger; but here’s where I might be getting caught….It seems, as of late that when I go to a gals dinner, we end up eating late (9 – 9:30 pm) – this is due to the cocktails prior and the fact that no matter who the hostess is – we lose track of time. So we eat a fabulous meal and then I am up half  the night, unable to sleep well(now that could also be menopause – ummm, thank you for that) and when I wake up, I feel hung over – whether I’ve had any drinks or not….and by the way – I am the worst drinker – EVER. Two wines – ok, I’m relaxed –  but a third? Well,at this point I have trouble getting  it down – sort of an internal booze meter. Then there’s the whole issue of going to bed late. If I stay out until midnight – or (gasp!) 1am – I’m done – I’m paying for it the whole next day.

When did this happen to me? For God’s sake – I used to work in a band – you know, up all night because that’s when you’re working…eating your “dinner” at 5am before you go to bed at 8am. I used to be able to party with my friends – midnight was not an ominous chime on the clock – no pumpkins to go home in. Late dinners – I remember going out to eat with my husband at midnight – because we had a craving for a burger.

All I can think about right now is that, I am about to eat breakfast and at the same time I am already starting to plan my dinner….is it 4:30pm yet?


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