Get your Belt out of the Toilet

November 13, 2010

So here is how the last two days of my life went…I was hit by a massive migraine headache two days ago. Now, I suffer from migraines about twice a week, but they are generally what I call, a 5-6 out of 10 on the pain scale (obviously 10 being – “take me to the hospital, I think I’m dying”). I take my meds and within 30 minutes I’m good. Well, Thursday was an exception. Being prone to the barometric pressure, which I can’t control, on this day it took a severe dive…..and so did I. I made it through the rest of my work day, drove home with one eye closed and as soon as I got into the house, took my last dose of med allowed and laid down. DING DONG! My 10-year-old rings the doorbell to signal that she is home from school…shhhhh – I tell her and I lay down with a cold pack and a blanket and the phone on my chest (because you just know that phone is going to ring). My oldest comes home – takes one look at me and says he’ll order the pizza. Sadly – when Mom is hit with one of these whoppers (only three times a year it’s this bad), there is a morbid sense of glee, as pizza will be on the menu for dinner that night. The migraine breaks somewhat and before going to bed for the night, I’m able to eat a couple of pieces  and answer two email messages.

Ahhhh – sweet sleep…well, sort of. I wake up the next morning to the migraine – not as bad as the day before – but it’s sort of like a hangover. I go to work and somehow get through my day as a pre-school teacher (damn – but those small fry can be loud!) but, unfortunately,  the pain grows. I realize that I’m out of my medication so now must stumble to the clinic where my doctor is, so that I can sit for 2 hours between Mr. “I’ve got the Flu” and the crazy lady who needs her blood pressure taken (again) and wait for a renewal. I’ve arranged for “after school” care for my youngest and stress about the cocktail party at my neighbour’s house, which is in a mere 2 1/2 hours (she’s been renovating the mirror image of our house for 4 months – I HAVE to go!).  I get the prescription, fill it, get my daughter, get in the door where,with coat still on I warm up dinner and let the dog out. I then dash into the bathroom to take my medication, while I go to the bathroom (I have a tiny bathroom where you can sit on the toilet and brush your teeth at the same time – hence, my urgency to see my neighbour’s renovation)…and that’s when it happens. I come out of the bathroom and finally take off my coat so that I can sit for 15 minutes and breathe….What the Hell?! Why is the belt to my coat soaking wet?! Oh yeah…you know it – I popped the back button that holds the belt in place and in my tizzy to get in and get out of my powder room (or in my case – truly, my water closet), the belt to my fabulous red coat is now dripping with urine. Quite the capper to my afternoon.

At any rate, miraculously, half and hour later the kids were fed, the migraine had broken and I was on my way next door to my neighbour’s house where I enjoyed a wonderful evening – oohing and ahhing over her graciously appointed new abode. She did an amazing job – it’s  stylish, fresh,  and uncluttered (she has no children). It was an absolutely elegant evening.

On tap for me this weekend? Gutting my house.


One Response to “Get your Belt out of the Toilet”

  1. Amy Says:

    Connie, you always make me smile. Miss you 🙂

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