Letter to the Young Mother

November 10, 2010

Now – I’m not exactly an “old” mother – I do still have a 10 year old – therefore I’m still “in the game” but my two older children are in college and university – so that might qualify in the “old” department.

So now that my older two are beginning to spread their wings – I am realizing that I haven’t had much time to spread my own. I was from the generation that chose to stay home with their children, volunteered on every board/group possible (that pertained to my children) and although did not spoil them – took their needs and desires into consideration pretty much most of the time. I did get Grandma to babysit them on a weekly basis so that my husband and I could go out and maintain a happy and successful marriage but other than that I spent my days with them – quite happily – playing lego, making arts and crafts, cooking, playing games. I also took them with me into the world – we grocery shopped, banked and did other various, normal – everyday errands. They learned a little about how the world worked.

Now I see mothers who are quite happy to drop their children off to pursue other interests…and I wonder if this generation is onto something. I mean, I still feel that children should not be away from home for 10 hours a day unless necessary….but I also think that these gals have a better understanding of themselves – they are looking after themselves – they are pursuing dreams and goals…rather than wait until their children leave home. To these mothers I say; Remember that they will be small for only a short time – so don’t short-change yourself, because you can never get this time back again – ever. And, you want to be the foundation of their childhood – not someone else – so make your time with them count. On the other hand I say, Good for you – for not sacrificing all your young years and for not forgetting who you are – keep following your dreams – keep reaching for goals…and always remember to Balance.


One Response to “Letter to the Young Mother”

  1. johnny your wild cherry Says:

    Hey there you sassy gal ,I love this talk of yours.I can fully understand where you are coming from .Lov ya dear .J

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