Opportunity knocks everyday

October 20, 2010

If you had one moment – one opportunity to take your chance to prove yourself – would you? I think we face this everyday – but it usually comes as a flash – as you’re getting dressed for the usual routine in the morning – you catch that slip of a glance of yourself in the mirror and you gasp – Oh! who was that? Was that me? Yes – is the whisper that bounces back from the mirror…and you know you heard it… but like  most of us – you shake your head, button your buttons and try not to look too close into that mirror because you are afraid of the challenge, the dare to be who you should be. We are all guilty of it and I think that we spend most of our lives fighting that tiny glimpse of what could be in exchange for what we think should be.

I think it’s time to stare back into the mirror – take yourself on!


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