I Hear you in the Distance

October 18, 2010

Heard a melody in my head and these words just kind of came to me – it’s a song or it’s poetry.


I hear you in the distance

Your voice inside my head

It’s not so much the words you’re saying as the things that are unsaid

I can hear you calling

But I’m not afraid

The sound seems very far away

And the memory is vague

But still I know I own it – I know it’s mine to keep

From another time long past

That I sometimes go to in my sleep


Do you hear me calling back some time

Am I underneath your skin?

Do you have some faint recollection

Of the time and place we’ve been?


I know I don’t need to find you

It’s not important to this time

Just wanted you to know I that I can hear you calling

From time to time


One Response to “I Hear you in the Distance”

  1. Pim Says:

    Love it…

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