Your Safe Place

October 17, 2010

You know what I just learned? You can still learn something at 50. What I learned is that you need to keep people at a certain distance. Maybe not everyone, everyday – but most definitely you need to tend to this on a regular basis. When the people you are closest to tell you that you are reacting wrongly (again) and you really don’t think you are….Distance, my friends…distance. People can get too close- even though in the beginning you think that is what you want – trust me – at some point you will realize that this is too close. You need to back off and find your safe place- that place where you can’t be viewed under an emotional microscope, judged or criticized for the most minute detail…too exhausting – find your safe place. Relax. Save yourself – because as unworthy as some people might make you feel in a moment of their own weakness – you are not. Find your “safe” place and guard your soul…because all along and in the end, it is all you have.


One Response to “Your Safe Place”

  1. Pim Says:

    I definitely agree with you sister. Unfortunately some things we learn “later on in life”. This is just one of those things. Distance also has healing properties (at least I think so!). Removing yourself from certain situations, unhealthy environments and yes, sometimes people…is very healing. Everyone needs a safe place. I am fortunate to have found mine!

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