Newborn Love

October 1, 2010

It seems as though quite a few people rang in 2010 all the same way, because this week,  people all around me have been having babies (do the math!). It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a new mother. Well – it was and it wasn’t – my oldest two are off to college and university but I also have a ten-year old – and although am now menopausal, I seem to have retained at least some of my memory (wait for it ladies – it all begins with pregnant brain, then milk brain, then peri-menopausal fog and finally the air  clears a bit and you’re here with me, in menopause…now what was I saying?)

Those glorious early years….yes, I remember the crying and the diapers and the constant flow of liquid from all orifices, but I also remember the wonder. The wonder of those tiny hands, those big round eyes examining every inch of  my face, the way that warm, little body just seemed to “fit” into mine. The Wonder of who this tiny person is – what will their favorite color be? Trucks or trains? Books or Art? The Magic of childhood – how, for a child, everything is beautiful and anything can be an adventure.

You can never imagine that you will ever lose your temper – not even for a moment…not with this perfect little angel. But you will – from time to time – they don’t listen to you and you don’t listen to them, they disobey rules and you disappoint them….it’s not all rose petals and soft-focus love all the time. You will have fears you never could have imagined and you will find deep and thrilling joy in the tiniest things that no one else but you will be able to see.

This baby becomes a person very quickly and with surprisingly different tastes, thoughts and desires from your own. Why that surprises us, as parents, I don’t know. They may have come from your body – but they are not yours. They merely come through you and allow you to share in their ride and it’s a wonderful ride — but remember to strap yourself in.


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