Time is ticking

September 29, 2010

You know what? I’m annoyed – actually – I’m damned annoyed. As as mother, I always put everyone else above myself – but the thing that gets me the most is that when I want to do something for myself – it suddenly becomes an impossible request. Like tonight, I want to write a blog (awww Mom…I really need to borrow your laptop – right now!”) and I want to use my headphones to listen to music while I do it (“I don’t know where they are – why are you asking me?”). Certain people need to be left alone – so they can “focus”on their work…so I  guess that means the dishwasher duty, food clean-up etc. is on Mom – once again.

This is not bitching, this is not complaining – this is a cry for help. I only have one life – just like everyone else…so when do I get to take that time for myself…to pursue my interests – to dare to dream my dreams – to find out why it is that I am on this earth – just like everyone else wonders.

My advice to you is to: NOT WAIT THIS LONG….too many things creep in – things that have great importance to those around you – particularly your children, and they do have their own sense of priority believe me. I will, still, always put my children before me….but as I watch the clock tick-tock,  I see the sand  slipping through the hourglass and I get nervous…will I be able to fit it all in before the sand runs out? Before I even realize the sand will run out? Before I remember what the hourglass is for?


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