Vegetable Coronary

September 23, 2010

When was the last time that a serving of vegetables caused a heart attack (no butter!)….YESTERDAY!

I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items to add to dinner and I thought, gotta get something different (and green) for the kids – how about a little asparagus? There was no sign with the price and I know, full well, that this is not asparagus season – but  I thought Hey, I’ll splurge – probably – at worst – $3.99.

Now, thank goodness this was not my usual enorm-order, because I might not have noticed, as the hundreds of dollars would have  been racking up – and – I am a cash register watcher (gotta keep those eyes on the prize, people!)…Suddenly, I see $8.80 flash on the screen beside the asparagus…$8.80….are you reading me right? $8.80!! My eyes are begin to bulge and my heart pounds in my throat so that I can barely speak. I say to the cashier “Does that say $8.80 for a little bunch of asparagus?” She double checks and says yes. I follow back with (not meaning to be rude – but let’s face it – shock has set in) “Seriously?! Are you kidding me?” and she is quick to respond with “So, they’re off the order – right?” I then go on to tell her – and the guy behind me – that even in the most upscale restaurant, a side order of asparagus would not be that much….I mean – what are we talking about here? Has asparagus become and illegal substance (which, by the way, I would guess could be sold on the street for less than that!). The guy behind me is in full agreement and I think wants to become my contraband asparagus-selling-partner…..Ha! Finally! I’ve come up with a way to make money while I wait in line. All this to say that, obviously,we had salad last night instead as our green vegetable.

I also learned that some vegetables are indeed bad for your heart……never mind your wallet!


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