Joint Symphony

September 22, 2010

Oh for crying out loud! When did Snap, Crackle and Pop stop being a breakfast cereal and start becoming  a way of life?

I’m trying to creep downstairs this morning – not wanting to disturb anyone, because of course –  now that I’m menopausal- I am often up before the birds. So, there I am,  holding onto the banister – not for support, but because it’s still pitch black outside (hey- give me a break – not that old yet!). And there is was – over the sound of the hardwood floors creaking, in my almost-100 year-old house, was the snapping sound of my just-turned- 50 year old ankles, as each foot hit a step. Seriously! The days of me becoming a sleuth or a thief are long past – even though I’ve never looked better in black than I do right now. I’ve always been a bit “creaky” sounding – however that word “creaky” would never have been used on me 10 years ago…. Since I turned 50 a couple of months ago (but hey! I DO still look 40!)  people feel free to use it when they hear me snap, crackle and popping along. Wait till my wrists go – then I’ll be able to audition for a band.


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