Turtleneck – and I don’t mean the sweater!

September 5, 2010

What has happened – could someone just tell me?

Last week I was getting ready for one my dearest friend’s wedding. This is  a wedding we’ve all been looking forward to – my friend had finally met her Prince Charming (and I do mean Prince Charming; he comes Disney-close!).  Instead of searching through and finding  one I can squeeze into I am happily surprised to find that after some hard work, I now fit into several and actually have a choice! So, choose away, I do and then setting at my dressing table to put on my make-up. WHAT IS THAT? My eye lid suddenly seems to have a funny crease in it – I can’t sweep the “Mysterious Mauve” eyeshadow on – it keeps wanting to setting in that odd crease….I have to put on my reading glasses to get a better look in the 4x the magnification mirror that I now need to use. OMG! It’s not exactly a “crease” – it’s more like my eye lid has kind of “fallen”! What the – ?

How does this happen – can someone please explain this to me – because I’m just not getting it.I mean, I knew it would happen eventually – these little aging signs. But why don’t they happen slowly – why does it happen all of a sudden?

BAM! there goes your eye lid –

BAM! you have rings around your neck like some old tree….go ahead – count’em!

BAM – your lipstick is now traveling up into your nostrils –

BAM! you need someone to help lift your butt back up and  place it into a good pair of Spanx so that your dress fits properly

I don’t mind getting older – really, I don’t – but I do mind that there’s no warning no warning at all…..or….was I just not wearing my glasses again?


One Response to “Turtleneck – and I don’t mean the sweater!”

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