Aging Booth

September 5, 2010

Wow! No other word for it – but Wow.

My 10 year old and her friend thought it would be funny to take their pictures and then “age” themselves with the iPhone’s App called AgingBooth. The two girls giggled hysterically as they told me they had done this at the other girl’s house (her Mom’s phone) and emailed it to me – and then we all giggled about it in our kitchen, the very thought of them being old ladies was funny!  Then, this morning, I finally got around to it and I opened my email and saw it.

Wow. I didn’t giggle.

I didn’t even smile, because suddenly I realized that I would never know my daughter as a “little old lady” – I will be gone.

I was 40 when I had this last wonder, this last gift – called my child and while, of course, I’ve always known that I wouldn’t last forever – that I would pass on while she continued….suddenly, there it was, right in front of my face. I saw her with my own two eyes – I saw the older woman she will be, the older woman I will not know….and I wondered, how can there be a time when I don’t know my own child?

At that very instant I began to miss her (although she lay happily sleeping upstairs – having a girly sleepover with her friend) – my heart began to miss her and I just wanted to run upstairs and sweep her into my arms and hold onto her 10 year old self forever….but I didn’t – I wrote to you instead – I wrote to you to remind you that those children of yours that, I know, tire you out in the day with their demands – their needs – their running about – will indeed grow-up, faster than you think….and you will run out of time….so go sweep them up into your arms and hold onto them for as long as they will let you. They are your greatest gift.


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