Sick Day

August 20, 2010

Oh Mom – you can’t take a sick day! Seriously, as a mother, you cannot take a sick day – not when you have kids at home – I tried.

I so rarely take a sick day, but last week I had been suffering with an excruciating sore throat and ear – then to add a little “something something” to the mix – a stuffed head. The doctor said that I had an ear infection and to REST. Hahahahahahahahaha!

I came home, took my antibiotics and some cold medication and then plopped myself onto the couch to rest. My oldest child was at his summer job, my teenage daughter – on the computer, and my youngest (age 10) was busy playing on my laptop, home from camp – recovering from an ear infection herself.

Ahhhh – a little TV while I doze….WRONG! The youngest needed to discuss her impending birthday party (which I had zero energy to plan which for me, “Party Mama” – is rare!) and my older daughter needed a “bit” of help with the finishing touches of  a costume she was going to be wearing at a sci-fi convention she would be attending the following day with her friends. Do I really need to tell you how the rest of my day went? Between sewing bows and wings in a sweat (and I do mean a sweat!) planning party games and then later driving my son around because he had (of course) emergency shopping for Theme Day at camp where he  is a coordinator – I did not rest…until I fell into bed that night.

The lesson of the day? No Sick Days for Mothers!


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