Reptilian Flash

July 23, 2010

While sitting on a park bench yesterday, watching the children play, I ran my hand along my arm and – bump,bump bump – what the hell is that?

My skin. My skin! I look down at my arm and I see that, although I have been using sunscreen religiously, my freckles have all joined together to create a crepey, leathery type of tan….but it’s no tan – I think it might be a huge age spot!

As soon as I get home I run into the bathroom and apply the strongest scrub I have and try to, at the very least, remove the bumpiness on my arm. I apply some nice body oil – pat dry and then touch……bump, bump bump…STILL?! Now I’m thinking that using Comet might have been a better choice than that high-end, apricot and flower-I-can’t-pronounce scrub….at least it would have also “lightened and brightened” that pseudo tan I seem to be sporting.

When did I become a reptile? The lines and wrinkles are one thing, but this scaly bumpy stuff? Of course, it doesn’t help that I have pale skin – no, not ivory – in fact, not even white – I am somewhat opaque….my legs look like fish scales (and that’s with the self-tanner). I exfoliate, I cream, I oil – all year round – and still can’t manage to get my skin ssssssmooth anymore. Oh my Gosh! Did I just flick my tongue out? SSssssssss.

I think I need a body peel.


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