I Blinked

June 22, 2010

Last week my daughter graduated high school….I stood there by the front steps of the school and watched as she tossed her tassled cap into the air…my heart leapt, all the years caught in my throat. How did this happen? We were endlessly baking cookies with sprinkles and working on Arts and Crafts projects (remember making Jack’s Beanstalk out of toilet paper rolls?). Preschool followed quickly with its magic,songs and story books; and then elementary school fell upon us – I was in a constant state of volunteerism – and I loved it! Lice checks, pizza days…..just seeing you every day at school – what a gift.And then, before I knew it, High School abruptly arrived. Plaid skirts, long hours of homework and all those projects, in all those subjects.  I remembering making the Olympic Stadium with you – out of clay – TWICE (because the roof  ironically broke) and sitting with you and your friends and your grandmother working to re-create a medieval theatre to historical accuracy until 2am in the morning.

I watched you stride up onto those school steps , your white gown flowing in the summer breeze – cheeks flush with excitement and also uncertainty for the future….then a group “whoop” and your hat went into the airs with the others, like 12o white doves, that summer  breeze carried them higher and higher

……..how did this happen? How did we suddenly seem to get here? Ahhh yes…I know….I blinked.


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