What’s up with People?

June 10, 2010

I try. I really do try. But sometimes, I just don’t get some people. They go out of their way – literally – to be negative, to cause some kind of drama, which they perceive as “being in control”. Listen – you aren’t strong, brave or in control just because you can cause other people misery – as a matter of fact, this just proves the point that you, yourself, are completely out of  control. The way you know this is to look around you – people are not flocking to your side – they are avoiding you…they aren’t walking on egg shells because you are so “powerful” – they are ignoring you. I don’t get these people – but then, I suppose that they don’t even really “get” themselves.


2 Responses to “What’s up with People?”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I’ve someone like that in my life but obligated to not kill;)
    Hatred flows, memememememe…..

  2. Louise Says:

    Like the lady running on the track!

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