Tooth Trouble

May 30, 2010

I have been up since 4 am this morning with a toothache – which is closely followed by checkbook ache. I need root canal work done on my upper teeth…and as luck would have it, my bottom tooth hurts now too. In fact when I looked in my 10x the magnification mirror (you know the one that makes your soft lines look like craters?) it looked gray – and I don’t think that gray is the new white.

When I went for the consultation, my dentist quoted me the standard fee…wow, I could get a second hand car for that! Fortunately, my husband’s corporate insurance will pay Some of this…a Percentage might be a better term or perhaps “Some Percentage”. As with  pretty much every other insurance company, they will not cover the cost of a crown….so I either I get a loan (throw in a couple of extra bucks for the second hand car)  or go around with a hole in my mouth (is hillbilly the new Hollywood look by chance?). I’m actually considering crafting a crown out of Fimo clay – you know the kind that you can bake and then paint – that might just solve my problem there.

The more my checkbook thinks about this – the more it whispers to me  “Ya shoudda been a dentist, sista.”  Too bad I didn’t own a checkbook when I was in school – that English Lit stuff would’ve gone right out the window….oh well, what can I (ouch!) do?

Grin and bear it, I suppose?


2 Responses to “Tooth Trouble”

  1. Thank god for the NHS in england, we dont have to suffer anything like you do..hope you got everything sorted in the end

  2. Lucy Says:

    2 brooken teeth X 2 years! Not sure which will give first, my health or the cheque book. Yikes!!!

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