The Big 5-0….and I don’t mean Hawaii

May 15, 2010

See – now I just dated myself by that simple little title…who in the heck remembers Hawaii 5-0 (ok – don’t flood me with memories people)?

Having a big birthday – and no, it’s not “just like any other birthday”. I’m going to be 50 and that’s a milestone, no matter how you slice it!

Tonight’s the big bash – girlfriends have come to the rescue (of course) with the food and some of the decor plus (I get the feeling) a surprise or two of sorts…..hey – what would a birthday be without a surprise? I’m hoping the weather holds out so that we can move the party outside a bit…a lot of people will be here so spreading them all out would be a great idea. The body heat alone is enough to set off those of us who are hot-flashing!

I hope everyone has fun – and I know that is the typical woman’s response…not, “I hope I have fun” – but that we always hope that everyone around us will be happy…..hey – doin’ my best, on shoestring budget, but let’s face it- in the end it’s just the company that counts (and I already cut all the fun-killers…..kidding!!!!). I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report on tomorrow!


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