Baby Shower Excitement

April 24, 2010

I only have a few minutes as I have to go and freeze some babies…plastic ones that is – hey! it’s a shower game!

I’m having a baby shower for my god-daughter this afternoon and even though it is my second shower for her (my 5th baby shower in all, in the last 7 years) I couldn’t be more excited! It just never gets old…a shower – be it baby or bridal.

I think for me (and probably most  of the guests) the idea of gathering together to welcome in a new little life is always heart-warming. It’s not the tiny gifts (as adorable as they may be) or the punch (as delicious as that may be!) it is that ancient, almost tribal feeling of a group of women coming together in support of another woman, who is about to embark on one of life’s greatest adventures. As we sit and chat, munch and sip, play games and laugh – I always feel this invisible hug going around the room. A new citizen of the world is in our presence – or almost! How exciting to usher him or her in – how wonderful to be excited about something so positive. As we grow up and older, there is less and less to be surprised or excited about  (at least in that girlish way) – we’ve done so much already….but a baby – that is always new – even when it isn’t a first baby…that thrill just ignites something within us all – whether we are mothers or not – that doesn’t matter. It’s the coming together as a group of women – suddenly all of us are “sisters” – no matter the ages present.  I can’t wait!!


One Response to “Baby Shower Excitement”

  1. Helen Tom Says:

    “How to get my 8 year old to bed at a reasonable time?”

    Now I’m waiting for your solution???Help!!!!

    hugs and kisses,

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