Second Honeymoon

April 18, 2010

At a dinner party last night, our hosts revealed that they would be retiring and moving to the country home they recently built and where most of their weekends have been spent. A series of oohs and ahhs, congratulations and then the realization that we would not see our friends quite so often or so easily anymore. But at one point in the evening as tidbits of their new plans dropped in and out of the conversation I noticed my hosts eyes meeting each other from across the table and there was a glow. Now, this couple always has a certain glow, they are truly the perfect match for one another – but this was different. I saw an excitement, a happy anticipation – I would even go so far as to say that my girlfriend was beaming (I was sitting closer to her than to him – and no – it wasn’t the wine!). Later, in the kitchen as we were preparing to serve dessert, she told me a little more about this move, the was a flush to her cheeks and a hint of breathlessness as she spoke…and then it hit me – I was looking at a newlywed!  After 30-plus years of marriage these two people were about to embark on a wonderful new adventure together- a second honeymoon of sorts.

As I drove home that night I thought about their adventure – I thought about how possible it was re-create that blush of excitement in a long-term marriage. In the beginning, two people find each other – eyes lock – bodies lock, there’s a wedding, there is the colorful blur of raising children – jobs come and go, tears come and go and then…. Pause. Reflection. What’s next?

Hopefully, like my friends, you dream up a new adventure together – be it traveling the world, moving to the country or just learning to play tennis. It is a bit of work, it does take effort but the key to staying together and staying fresh and feeling alive is the learning together – holding hands and stepping forward.


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