Secret Plan

April 8, 2010

I feel like I am planning a crime – about to launch a secret plan of sorts. I am currently working very seriously on losing weight – and somehow I feel that as those pounds melt away so will other things – things that are like an albatross around my neck. In some strange way, I  think that once those excess pounds are gone I will blossom more quickly than I am now. I already feel the changes coming – I already see the path winding and twisting in front of me…and I feel good, I feel excited – I feel kind of mischievous. I have always had dreams and now – I feel as though I have a plan.

Cryptic – maybe…

Positive – always…

Moving Forward – most certainly.


2 Responses to “Secret Plan”

  1. The FonZ Says:

    I am sure you will succeed. The best thing to do is, do it continously and consistently even though a little bit at a time.


  2. Brenda Purdie Says:

    What are you on? I want some.

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