Seems like just yesterday

April 3, 2010

Spring has come early this year and she burst into the room all smiles, with a warm beaming sun and flowers up everywhere. It’s been an unexpected surprise and we are all loving it. People are pouring out of their houses and onto the streets, vendors are doing a brisk business at the corner markets and it’s a long holiday weekend….Easter is here, again – feels like we just celebrated this….but then again, that very notion has become a way of life for me lately. Everything seems to be coming up so quickly – or rather, coming back around, so quickly. It’s not just me – my friends say the same thing…you know that phrase that we all detested as young  people “seems like just yesterday.” Well, dammit, it does feel like just yesterday – or at the very least a couple of months ago.

I remember in my thirties, in the throes of raising children and launching careers, my friends and I would reminisce about things like college and our first pregnancies (that had happened at best, only five years earlier) and say “Oh – that was ages ago!”…..And now those very days, those memories – well… they seem like just yesterday……what is happening to our brains?  To our concept of time? Certainly makes me appreciate my parents’ and grandparents’ recollections with a new sense of reverence.


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