These Boots were made for Walkin’

February 26, 2010

I am neither a shoe girl – nor a purse/bag girl….I’ve never really understood the fascination with these items. However, I find as I am getting older – that boots look good, feel good, even smell good. Have I gone mad?

Yesterday I decide to wear, what I call,  my Young Girl Boots to work at a luncheon for Teacher Appreciation at the school. Was I completely out of my mind? Yes – I looked great trip-trapping around in those fab boots serving quiches and lasagna –  but dear God in Heaven did I pay for it later! Once I got home (4 hours later) I couldn’t wait to kick those beloved boots off and put my throbbing feet up. It was painful to walk down the hall to the bathroom – never mind stand and make dinner (oh….hmmmm — have to order out – “injury”….).

How did this happen to me? I used to be able to stand for hours in heels twice that height. Stand? How about dance – walk several blocks and shop….My feet still ache this morning! Oh, for cryin’ out loud – why didn’t I just wear my Isotoners yesterday?


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