Valentine’s Day – Lovers or Not

February 11, 2010

Whadda mean, some of you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day? Forget the Hallmark
version that includes candies, flowers and the occasional diamond….go Victorian  – That’s what I try to do. A pretty little card that reminds someone of  how you feel about them or that describes  how they impact your life. Get out the construction paper and just cut out a heart. It’s wonderful to lift a friend’s spirit with a few simple words – and I mean that literally. If you aren’t poetically inclined then simply jot a few single words that best describes them.  They’ll feel both flattered and uplifted and that’s a gift You can always make a couple of cards for people who are not really friends of yours but maybe just going through a difficult time and just receiving a note that reminds them of the person they are (or can be)  can make all the difference in a life.

As for Husband and I…ok – I’m going to be revoltingingly sucky now and say that truly, EVERY day is Valentine’s Day with him. I feel so  lucky to have someone who is always willing to let me grow – and to let me be “me” – no strings attached. He listens patiently to all my ranting and he supports my ideas…..and best of all, he looks after me – “tends” me, if you will  – as though I were a rare and delicate orchid flower….I am blessed and know that our union was no accident – it was divine intervention. In fact, when I think of the possible alternatives…I SHUDDER!!!!

So, for those of you in relationship of any kind (friendships included!) – go out for a quiet, not fancy – breakfast….or even a quiet cup of tea in the afternoon  in some sweet area of town. Exchange a little card or maybe even a few Hershey Kisses. And that’s all…. Hold hands – hold each other  (depending on who you are with!) at the very least, hold someone’s gaze or attention…and don’t forget to hug and feel the energy between you.

So – Happy Valentine’s Day….keep your heart open and keep all that good flowing – for that truly is the stuff of Valentine’s Day- which, in turn, is the stuff of Life.


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