Sexy slippers?

January 26, 2010

Last Friday night I went to my  Book Group – that’s where 10 of my dearest girlfriends get together once a month for a potluck dinner and pretend to have read a book – it’s more of a Cultural  group – we talk about what is important to us – we share things about the girls we were before we became the women we are.

At any rate, we often arrive a little “done up” but casual has always been fine too. So this time I decided that I would arrive semi -casual, wearing jeans, a brilliant red top (red is my color) and a flashy fashion scarf…and for comfort on that cold winter night – my Isotoner slippers.

Well – first of all, the hostess (who has often appeared in her pjs) was in a skirt and fab knee  high boots – she has recently lost 60 lbs and is to die for!  Ok, I thought – you deserve to “put on the Ritz Babe” …but then, in walk the next three gals – all together…..each one of them is wearing a pair of sexy knee high or thigh high boots….I look down at my comfy Isotoner slippers Then taking a glass of pink champagne  in hand I mock toast – “I wonder which one of us is turning 50 this year? One of the gals in the thigh high boots – or perhaps the gal who is in the slippers?” I was relieved that I at least thought to wear my black satiny “party” slippers…..

What is happening to me? Seriously – and to make matters worse – I had brought them in my shoe bag (thanks Mom for teaching me that a lady must bring her foot apparel in a proper shoe bag).

I’m pretty sure that this is the last time I will show up at a party in my Isotoners… satin or not!


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