December 7, 2009

What the hell happened to me? How did I get so un-young?

I was at a reunion a couple of weeks ago and the organizer asked us all to search in our boxes in the basement for some old pictures of the gang from 1978 (that’s right – I’m puttin’ the date out there – no use trying to fool anyone). So, after tree trimming yesterday, which means moving boxes around in the basement to find the ornaments, I came across the Old Photos Box…..Yay! I found some great old snaps!….or so I thought. Then I started looking through them. Was I ever that young? I mean – I think I look pretty good now – definitely do not look my age (or so I am always being told – good genes), but  wow –  I had no idea how “hot” I was then! I mean, I was really cute! I washed down my somewhat sad realization with a nice glass of chilled chardonnay…holy smoke – I seriously have to start working out more – or rather, just working out, in general because between tucking my belly into my pants and the fact that  sometimes I feel like I could actually take flight with my “bat wings” makes me feel suddenly uncomfortable in my own body…oh, and the Oil of Olay? I am ordering a crate right after I post this.


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