November 24, 2009

Faces here, faces there – loud music, images on a screen – I had to catch my breath as I recognized the people, the time, the moments. I attended an event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of a radio station I had worked for – perhaps more importantly the place where I not only held my first job – but the job of my dreams. Thirty years ago the radio station was a giant – it held immeasurable status and those who worked there had instant celebrity status. The 70’s were heady times – headier still for a young girl of 18 with no life experience. I was propelled into the world of adulthood – unprepared yet willing, excited even. Parties by the dozen and so many rules that were being gleefully broken. The “adults” in charge were mere kids themselves – my bosses were probably all of 25 at the time….men – I giggle at that now – 3o years later.

My stomach had been in knots all day as I wondered if anyone would remember me. I had only been there for a year and had not been in the forefront. I scanned the room, glass in hand to keep my hands seemingly poised. Then it happened  – almost in a ripple effect. As I began to tap people on the shoulder in an attempt to re-connect, our  eyes would meet, genuine smiles followed and time just seemed to fall away. Lines faded, long hair grew back and it was as if we never left our youth. I saw the beautiful young people we had always been shine through and I felt my own light begin to shine too.

We laughed about the times long since passed, from hair to fashion to the now out-dated ways of doing business that at the time had been so high-tech…God! We were so cutting edge back then….we were “it”. We were so hot and untouchable little celebrities swimming in our own private ocean. We were going to change the world….or at least the music  world – and in many ways we did….we did.

We fell into each other’s arms, wrapping ourselves in warm embraces as we snapped countless pictures in an effort to hold onto this moment. We reminisced about the people we had been, about the people who could not be there, about the people who has passed on…and some of us found the words to express the feelings we had always felt about one another…

As I later stepped out into the cold November night I was hit by a blast of cold winter air and yet – my coat was open – my heart was open….and I felt pleasantly warm…


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