Middle-Aged Crazy…or What?

November 13, 2009

I was thinking about middle-aged women and new careers. Do middle-aged women discover themselves and new careers because of burgeoning empty nests….or…..do they create new “selves” and develop careers because they are bored.

Listen – not everyone who has been married for 20-something years still feels that same “zing”, if you will. But that isn’t to say that they all want to end their marriages. They love their husbands – truly, they do. They feel comfortable and safe and it works. But that vivacious gal within…what does she do with herself? She still feels young, creative, free-flowing…but often her mate is so set in the comfort mode that he no longer sees her as the girlfriend he once wooed.

So my mind began to wander to the different 40-something women that I knew – all of whom seem to be on the verge of a new career….is it indeed the timing – or are they creating it?

Something for all ladies to ponder.


One Response to “Middle-Aged Crazy…or What?”

  1. Blue Shoe Farm Says:

    When I read that heading I thought that I would be reading about older women than me… middle-aged does not seem like where I am at! But I am mid-40’s, perhaps just a super responsible yet immature mid-40’s. And am flipping my life around and doing things very differently. I blame it on being stubborn and having “changing” hormones. So, I think it is more a natural course of events to want that vivacious gal present, even when your body no longer reflects her. If there is anything bugging you and you have the confidence and skillset to do something different– you will probably go for it.

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