October 26, 2009

I think Forgiveness is a tremendously over looked life-raft. I don’t think people realize how freeing saying “I forgive you” is. Even if you don’t say it face to face – even if it’s only said in the dark of the middle of the night…if you mean it – it will free you in way you cannot imagine.

We’ve all been hurt and we tell our friends that we forgive but I don’t think we do.We say “I wish him well” and that we are onto new lives….but we are still not free.

I remember being hurt by someone 25 years ago – and while my wonderful life which followed led me to believe that I had forgiven…I realized one sleepless night that there was still a bruise on my heart, all these years later I still had not truly forgiven and I wondered suddenly -why I hadn’t slapped an emotional bandaid on and simply moved on – why was I still nursing that bruise – why was I even aware that it was there? Break out the Cover Girl…time to cover it so it doesn’t show anymore. It’s ok to know that it’s there – that’s what helps you help others….but you don’t need to look at it everyday – every week – every month…’s just not that important. And then a funny thing happened…it healed! That bruise that had gone from black to blue to green to yellow to…….whatever I was seeing from time to time….disappeared.

I did not Forget – I Forgave and I became Free.


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