Boo! They’re Gone.

October 25, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, as I meticulously placed tiny shards of  sprinkles for the eyes on my Halloween Cat Cookies, I wiped my hands on my Halloween apron and slid the trays into the oven, wondering if it still mattered to my kids that they even had eyes on them. My oldest two are in their late teens – but I still have a 9 year old, who most definitely appreciates these little things. Mostly, I wondered where the time had gone as I looked out the kitchen window and watched another Fall breeze by. We still have a full, warm and busy household – my kids enjoy being home. But it isn’t the same…the chaotic preparations for Halloween – who was rolling out the dough, who was using the cookie cutter and most importantly; when were we going to start icing those cookies – decorating them just to be eaten.

There was always the whole fiasco over costumes – my kids usually wanted something original and homemade…I am not a seamstress but thank goodness their Grandmother is and often settled on a costume idea a week before the big day. This year, my youngest is still very much into Trick or Treating and we are working on a costume this weekend (why break tradition?) – but instead of using all of the decorations in both of my big Rubbermaids (black and orange ones – you know it!) I went quietly alone around the house, placing just a few things here and there.

I know they have to grow up – really I do. It’s just that the magical swirl that hits your home like a cyclone, gathering everything up in it’s path leaves as suddenly as it came on….that’s the hard part.

My timer went off and I pulled the little sugar cookie cats from the oven, just in time, to my pleasant surprise – as two teenagers came down the hall – they smelled cookies….and they loved the eyes.


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