Menopause the Musical

October 22, 2009

Are you kidding me? There is apparently a  musical play called Menopause the Musical playing. Now why on earth would I want to see a bunch a gals sweating to the hot flashes? Do I need to watch insomniac women get out of their stage beds and burst into song? No I do not. I don’t see the humor, but then again – I have recently come through the other side of menopause and while I no longer have periods I certainly have a string of other delights. Is it hot in here or is it me? Now I’m cold – I’m irritated – that commercial is making me cry – Yeah yeah yeah….wow – what a musical. And how about costume changes? Slipping from one layer of cotton into another – no satin and sequins going here – they don’t absorb very well. Maybe these actresses will be preforming with a towel draped elegantly across their shoulders for a quick sweat dab.

Menopause the Musical? No thanks – I think I’ll just stick to cryin’ the Blues instead.


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