Upholstery is NOT Fashion!

September 20, 2009

So I’m at my husband’s first corporate event- a Family Day at an amusement park. Two of our children attend (Mr. I’m Almost-19 needs to sleep in and play computer games…or something) our 16 year old daughter who finds most things boring yet wants very much to attend, and our 9 year old who has never been to an amusement park and also hasn’t slept in 4 nights – just counting down the days. We have a wonderful afternoon together – going on kiddie sized rides  (because that’s what our  youngest is most comfortable with) and ignoring the glares of “all of this is stupid” from my older daughter. I had some truly deep and meaningful laughs with my youngest as she experienced rides for the first time…what fun!

By the time we got to the restaurant meeting place, my older daughter fell into place – we had great conversation lots of warm smiles and hugs – all was well. As we sat together waiting for everyone to reconvene I  had plenty of time to look around and study the crowd. First of all, more piercings and navels that I’m used to seeing in an average day – lots of beautiful young people. I also see my husband’s boss and his wife….now this is the kind of lady who can wear two dish rags held together by clothespins and look fabulous. We are both wearing the company t-shirt (by the by – not at all flattering – no cleavage!) jeans and a blazer – her is black and about $200 – mine is denim and about $30….doesn’t matter right? Then how come she looks fashionably dressed and I look upholstered? This is where I’m at. I’m trying to lose weight – I’m working on it – but I hate the fact that I’m only losing 1 – 2 lbs a week when I want to be losing 5 – 8 lbs a week. Yeah yeah yeah – I know that “slow is the way to go” – SHUT UP!

So  I gave it some thought as I looked around the room and I realized that so many of the gals (did I just give away my age with that term… “gals”?) were dressed in t-shirts and jeans. How is they looked so put together and I looked like I usually do after a day at pre-school…minus the paint. I think it all rests on the apple belly and very large Bosc Pear Ass…I keep telling myself I’ll get there and that ultimately it’s what inside that counts but if I’m being honest – I want to look less upholstered and more made-to-measure….I know, I know, I’ll get there in my own good time…when did you say the Christmas Party was?


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