Fabulous at Forty

August 22, 2009

It was my friend’s 40th birthday party last night. Her husband had planned a surprise party for her weeks in advance but then caved in  a few days before the party and told her – as she put it ” I was surprised when he told me!” and honestly, isn’t that enough?Surprise is surprise – no matter when it happens.

We were a collection of friends – old friends from their early days together and the newer friends she’s made since going back to work…namely “US”. There was lots of laughter and conversations going in in every room and the music was blaring at a dance-appropriate level with great music that seemed to hold fun memories for each person there. We had a BBQ, despite the spitting rain and a big bowl of punch (also dance appropriate – or should I say dance motivating?).

My friend was walking around her party beaming -beaming like the birthday girl should. Forty…the Big 4-0…Lordy lordy look who’s 40…all that stuff. But the thing I thought about most, as I looked through the lens of my camera (it isn’t a party unless I’m there with my camera – trust me on that) was the way she was beaming – and the way her husband was beaming as he watched her enjoy her party. Your 40’s are a great decade. Finally – you know who are, you’re comfortable (one would hope!) with yourself, you know what you will and won’t do/accept in life. You are old enough to know better because you actually have a backlog of experience -but still young enough to be silly, have fun and jump into new adventures.

Fabulous at Forty should replace the “Lordy, lordy” in cards because it truly is a fabulous decade in your life. I wish her big dreams, exciting adventures and a Nifty Fifty birthday party in 10 years.


One Response to “Fabulous at Forty”

  1. Stephanie Hooker Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. My husband also gave me a fabulous, surprise 40th birthday party. It was perfect!

    That was two years ago and I still love being in my 40s, I am training to run a 5-k, cycling to work and never felt better.

    Can’t wait for “nifty fifty.”

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