Be Share Ware

August 8, 2009

Sharing is overrated. I mean it. When you share an idea, a plan, a desire – expectation goes into over-drive. People quickly develop their own expectations of whatever the goal/idea is that you have shared. They support you 101% but have so much input even though the investment itself may have nothing to do with them at all.

Berating is often misconstrued as motivation – not the same thing. And when it is a creative endeavor – trust me, it takes time…time that your supporters cannot afford. We are a results based society – “show me the money.” I’d love to show you the money – when I get a chance between making the money ( job) and spending the money (groceries and errands). I appreciate the sincerity behind the support but sometimes feel as though I might break under the pressure of it. If I don’t do all the things that are regularly expected of me – I cannot find the time to fulfill the dreams that are expected of me – a case of Catch 22 if I ever saw one.

My big thing is that I have to remember to shut my mouth – shut my mouth and keep more to myself  and share it only when half of the results of my dreams/goals can be seen and appreciated…and approved. It’s a favor to myself to help keep these expectations at bay because it’s hard enough to face yourself, before you have to face the jury of your keenest supporters.


One Response to “Be Share Ware”

  1. sarahnb Says:

    My motto- keep your good intentions to yourself. Only you will know if you haven’t followed through and then it was a good idea, not a plan and easier to let go of it when life takes over.

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