August 1, 2009

Love and marriage, love and marriage – goes together like a horse and carriage..or so the old song claims. I was thinking  about marriage in general.

I personally have been blessed with a wonderful marriage – we work at it daily and 20 + years later I can say that we are still in love – but it’s not the same as though early days, you know,  when you can’t get enough of each other.  All so deliciously intense  and all consuming – just talking to each other every day – hearing what each one has to say – making love,  YADDA YADDA YADDA……Oops – here comes Real Life!

Real Life is: dishes, laundry, banking. dinner, who’s turn is it for laundry? Oh – I made dinner last night? Who needs dinner, anyway – kiss, kiss YADDA YADDA YADDA…

Marriage is two people who start out as insatiable minks – lots of sex, lots of romance – only a titch of laundry thrown in. Then it’s laundry and bills and some lovin’ -mixed in with, babies and children and homework – maybe even the odd late meeting……still – kiss, kiss.

Now we move on to, lessons for ourselves, drinks with the girls or maybe games with the boys…still some kiss, kiss…just not quite as much, or quite frankly……………….as often!

And you suddenly realise that you are still so deeply in love with your partner but…the kiss, kiss part just doesn’t come to the front anymore – it’s more Friend Friend. please listen, please advise….it’s not so terrible – in fact it’s quite comfortable….. but every once in awhile,  I miss that casual – that free  &  easy……….. Kiss, Kiss.…………….


2 Responses to “Marriage”

  1. kelly ~ miscouchemommy Says:

    great entry….i love your blog. congrats on the 20+ years…that’s quite a milestone. hubby and i will be celebrating 8 yrs in sept. and still very much in love 🙂

  2. Joan Green Says:

    I found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.

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