The Color of Change

July 19, 2009

Yesterday was Saturday…so you know what that means – home reno ideas! Over coffee, I was trying to decide on the paint color for my youngest daughter’s furniture. We are taking our “highboys” and painting it as well as a neat cabinet with doors and shelves (going to use it for her toys) that I bought at a yard sale for $6!! Originally, it was black with the inset panels in the doors papered with a Victorian floral wallpaper in fuchsia, pink and purple- more tasteful than it sounds.  Her room is still baby yellow as she was 5 months old when we bought the house, but she’d like to change it  to some “tween” color (she’s 9 now). Against my  dear friend Nuri’s opinion that I should go creams/beiges and just do bold accessories (I love you Nuri and I get it – she can grow with the neutrals and I know that means that I wouldn’t have to re-paint!) we are thinking deep pink – kind of a vintage Hubba Bubba…..I LOVE color – so am all for it.

Anyway – we still haven’t decided on the color yet – but I was also thinking about the back splash in our kitchen (we don’t have one) and seeing as I have a pumpkin -colored kitchen (I said I  loved color) I was toying with doing a faux stainless steel back splash. I was voicing this to my son, who always enjoyed being involved in all the renovations  – plus, he was born with my talent for picking  just the right colors (even though my oldest daughter is the artist) rather than my husband who is fine with whatever I choose to do.

Well, my son informed me that he is no longer interested in anything to do with the house. Bam! I was a little surprised….oh, to be honest – I suppose I wasn’t suprised. He is almost 19 years old – what does he care about about home renovation anymore (hey – his room has been done)?  He’s onto other stuff…his job, his future, school and going out with friends. But I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bit sad. He had always been my buddy in this department – we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs going out and looking at stuff. I guess it’s just that reminder that he is moving on – as all our children must. Moving on and slowly moving away – even if it isn’t physically out of the house. I completely understand and support that…but as a mother, it’s hard when those changes begin to happen….and the children that you knew so well…whose small hands you held in your own so protectively as you crossed the street or walked across the parking lot…they are becoming adults. They can cross on their own now – which is what you taught them to do – what you expected them to do. The family unit slowly changes  and it’s hard for your mind to process that – never mind your heart!

Ideally, the family doesn’t just change – it evolves…and those small, wriggling, giggling, bickering children become adults – who you hope will still have the time to share dinner with you…..and maybe – just maybe….give you their opinion on a paint color from time to time.


One Response to “The Color of Change”

  1. Clara Says:

    I too am in the midst of paint chips trying to decide on a color to paint my 6 year old’s room. I want something she will be happy with and something I can live with and not have to repaint in a year!

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