The Crazy Hour

July 11, 2009

You know exactly what time I am talking about, people.  You wake up in a full sweat  – either from a bad dream or from your menopausal hormones- you look at the clock and it says 3 AM.  First, you toss and turn a bit, maybe flip the pillow over and begin the psyching yourself  to sleep routine- because, after all, now you only have three hours before you have to wake up, make that three hours minus 15 minutes. You start to feel deliciously groggy, about to slip back into that slumber when suddenly, out of the darkness you hear the something terrible you said to someone over 15 years ago. Bam! You are awake now…how could you have ever said that? The whole memory is crashing through your brain now….of course, this leads you to the next subject….how will your child manage on her first day of high school – it doesn’t matter that she’s only 6 years old now!  My friends – you are now trapped in what I like to call The Crazy Hour.

The Crazy Hour is when you lie awake, bombarded by memories or thoughts that hit you rapid-fire, one after the other. Things you shouldn’t have said, things people have said to you, worries about your children that are completely irrational…even the thought of what you will wear to next week’s wedding becomes a crisis. You might sweat a little, your heart might pound…it is truly the Crazy Hour. Maybe you’ll get up and get a glass of water, then splash the rest of  it on your face. You’ll go back to bed – toss and turn amongst the thoughts and yes – fall fitfully back to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning and think back to that hour – to those thoughts – you wonder what the big deal was. Those nighttime memories vanish into the fog of the past where they belong and those worries are in the fog of tomorrow that you can’t even see yet. You realise that that for one hour last night you were completely insane…but it should give you comfort to know that your neighbour next door or your friend across town all get trapped in The Crazy Hour from time to time. The next time you find yourself yourself there – try to remember that it will be over in an hour and by morning it will be all forgotten….that is, as long as you aren’t in The Crazy Hour worrying that tomorrow morning won’t arrive!


2 Responses to “The Crazy Hour”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Oh my G-d! You were talking about me! Just last night I lay awake worrying about the most ridiculous things, absolutely meaningless things!
    Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone at that Crazy Hour!

  2. Sue Says:

    Been there – am a frequent visitor!

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