Rock Chick Incognito

July 9, 2009

For years I spent my life in the world of Rock and Roll – first I worked in Top 40 Radio…now there’s a term you don’t hear anymore…they don’t even call it hit radio – it usually has some name attached to it like Jack (raised eyebrow here “jack ” what? ) or Bob. Sometimes it’s just a feeling with a number like Smooth 92 or Light and Easy 105….back in the 70’s you would have had High 99 or Wasted 107….Easy? That would have been the station after High and Wasted…it was the 70’s , after all.

Now during that time I was neither high or wasted…I was a good girl – fairly innocent for the times. I felt enormously privileged to be working where I did and of course gave them 23 of my 24 hours, everyday, for the sheer joy of it – unlike today where we give our all because of need for survival. Those were exciting times…it was the late 70’s and we were looking ahead to the 80’s and all the technology it promised to bring.

1978 – I worked at the #1 Top 40 radio station in the country. What we played and what we said mattered. People hung on our every word, people just wanted to hang out with us in general. From the lonely contest winner who plugged up the phone lines – to the top performers of the day. Radio was cool – radio was king.  In those days people went from one radio station to the other…working in radio in any town in the country was still cool. Families owned radio stations back then – not conglomerates, and that just added to the personalized mystique that each station had.

In those heady days I had long dark hair to my waist (that’s right – I had a waist then!) and it was, of course parted in the middle. Flowy tunic tops from India and lots of bangles…that was the style – my mood ring was always  blue-green – I was calm, cool and collected. But all that cool would soon give way to  plethery nylon neon colored pants, hair that defied gravity and the linebacker shoulder pads that would come to define the 80’s.  This was when I jumped ship from Radio to the Music Industry.

I started out doing freelance photography -shooting local bands as they played live on stage – I loved the energy! That led to trying my hand at managing a young band from a small town. They had great potential (and great hair) but did not understand the business end of the Music Industry. They were not ready to “sell” something to get something in return and unfortunately ended up being swallowed back into their small town. My next band took me on as a Tour Manager – the two front men for the band were good businessmen for their young years and they saw my experience in the radio world and appreciated my talent for marketing, promotion and organization. It was a great marriage that was one of the greatest years of my life. I loved getting up everyday and had incredible energy (ok – I was in my early twenties – but still!).

I went back to radio when that ended and realised that (it was still the 80’s) the times were not ready to have a woman at the helm…I was never going to progress much farther than I was as Promotion Manager. So I moved into Publishing – working at a city living magazine – a job I grew to love. However – as time went on my husband and I started a family and apparently (back then) maternity leave was just another word for modestly extended vacation – a few token months and not the year we get today. The magazine folded and I turned to my new career with zealous…Full Time Motherhood.

I love being a mother – and I loved having the luxury of being able to stay home and raise my children….I did my best to spin a world of magic everyday for them and I do believe they know and appreciate that. Now I teach preschool and I do my best to continue the magic for other children, and I have many full-filling days…..but every once in awhile I hear a song while I’m in a store or in the car…and I’m transported back…and I wonder how I got to this place in my  journey. From picking the hits to …picking out the best book for story-time. While I love what I do and I know that it’s important – that rock chick that still lives inside of me wonders what it would be like to bust out…just once in awhile.


2 Responses to “Rock Chick Incognito”

  1. Jess Says:

    Sounds exciting! I know what you mean about missing your former “self”. Rock on sister!

  2. Lori P. Says:

    Where do we go and how do we get I suppose.
    Thanks for the blog, I feel less alone.

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