Pore Me!

May 31, 2009

As I sit here writing, I am wearing one of those nose strips, not because I have any blackheads anymore – but in hopes that it will shrink my pores back to age 25. I made the mistake of  buying one of those magnifying mirrors for when I tweeze my brows. Somehow I didn’t think 3x the magnification was enough – I went for The Big One – 10x the magnification…..was I out of my peri-menopausal mind? First of all, your eyes travel down your face after they’ve examined your brows causing me to notice that my pores look like craters and I have tiny hairs growing in places where only kisses were once placed. What the hell?!

Now, in all honesty, I have been blessed with terrific genes that give me the ten-years-younger edge (my parents look amazing for their age!) still, I have a few issues. For instance – when I got caught in the rain last weekend while running around doing errands, I noticed my reflection in the mirror at one point….now you know all those movie scenes – young woman gets gets caught in rain with her lover (it’s never a husband at this point in the game) – her hair is sexily dripping wet, a few token raindrops rest on her pore-less skin and usually at this moment of finding shelter from the rain, she looks at him and suggestively bites her plump lower lip. Wow! Sexy and romantic – even though she’s wet. Why is it when I catch my own reflection in the mirror, I appear mannish?

How about wind-blown, beach hair? At 25 – even at 30…this foreshadows a possible love scene while I seem to be visiting the beach at Frump Town and, oh yeah  my butt looks bigger too – seems the rain swells everything.  And though I absolutely love and adore my mother – the fact that we have matching hands doesn’t thrill me….or the fact that more often than not – when I pick her up to go grocery shopping, we are wearing the same t-shirts?  How about finding a fabulous casual coat or jacket…then passing two 80- year old ladies in the exact same one?  I don’t know…. I really do work at keeping it all up – I shower and apply modest make-up everyday; I regularly get my hair done by my friend who is a fab and funky hairdresser and I live in a chic city where fashion reigns (mind you – I prefer buying groceries for my family over a purse).

I work in an environment where most of my co-workers are 20 years younger. But being an outgoing and bubbly gal, I seem to make friends easily and these young people always include me in Happy Hour and lunches out.  I never feel that they are younger than I am – except when I am making a T.V. or musical reference (although I listen to hipper music than they do because my husband works in the music industry – as did I, in my pre-motherhood life). I forget that I’m older because they don’t treat me that way, but sometimes I need to remember that I am.

For instance – last summer, my friend Nadia, who is 25, wore a couple of tops that I loved. She looked so pretty and sexy (she always does) and I thought that maybe I’d look good in one too. So, she told me what store she bought them at and that weekend, off I went to shop. I found the boutique and went in to look. Oh – they had my favorite color there!  I snagged a couple of tops and marched into the dressing room to try them on. Once again – what was I thinking? I first let out a moan – you know, like you do in the early stages of child-birth when the contractions are just starting to become uncomfortable and finished off screeching in pain, as though I were at the pushing stage.  I – Looked – Ridiculous! Imagine Maude (“and then there’s Maude”), sporting a mini-skirt, drunk on cosmopolitans and not wearing that long scarf around her neck. Sometimes, while remembering the girl you are on the inside – you need to respect the woman you’ve become.  I learned my lesson, I think…although I did love what Nadia was wearing the other day – so fresh and funky! Hmmm…maybe…..


9 Responses to “Pore Me!”

  1. Pim Says:

    Forget about looking mannish, what about when you see your reflection and don’t recognize the m’am staring back at you…ouch, that one stings.
    However, I might add, with age comes knowledge…ok, gotta run, pee break, again so soon 😦 (hmmmm a new can of worms perhaps??!!)

  2. nadia Says:

    I just finished reading your blog…I loved it. And I remember last summer when you asked about my tops…feels like yesterday!
    I hope that this summer we can share more funny stories together!

  3. Dawn Says:

    This aging process is interesting…letting go, or rather – not chasing our youthful beauty is something you learn to do better with each year that passes. I suppose that happens because you begin to realize there’s little choice. If we can look in the mirror and accept what’s happening with grace, it somehow shows up on our faces and in our bodies. Why do older european women always look so amazing? I think it has to do with acceptance. I’m working on it – its definitely easier on days when it isn’t raining outside! Love the blog!

  4. Nuri Says:

    I just read it… very funny and thoughtful

  5. Tammy Says:

    I remembered the story about the cute tops from our outing to the Homeshow. I certainly can empathize with a lot of things you’ve mentioned in your blog.

  6. Daphne Says:

    I completely relate! What happens to the sexy in us? I mean, I still feel sexy and I think I’m still sexy – but I do get that glimpse in the mirror and go “yikes!” Thanks for making me smile and for reminding me that we’re all in this together.

  7. Kim Says:

    You should count yourself lucky that it took a mirror, at 10X the magnitude, to show you your flaws! You are aging gracefully my dear – inside and out!
    Thanks for making me laugh. I too have found myself trying on clothes that are meant to be on a younger body and feel like a sack of potatoes. I just have to remember that it is a wise, experienced, still sexy, sack of potatoes!

  8. Rhonda Olsen Says:

    You are very funny…made me giggle out loud! This is what will keep you eternally youthful….you are aging very well indeed! 🙂

  9. Laura Lundy Says:

    I hear you! Sometimes I look in the mirror and I can’t quite believe who is staring back at me. It’s certainly not the person I thought I would see in my mind!!

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