Spring Party

April 11, 2009

With Easter weekend giving us permission to accept Spring back into our lives – what better time to throw another party? A Spring  party works for both boys or girls – but it can also be a wonderful time to try a little tea party for just the girls, if your little girl desires. The games and activities can often be done outdoors at this point – depending on where you live.

One craft idea is to go to the dollar store and buy child-sized straw hats and also some silky flowers and even a few butterflies or bees from the craft aisle. Then set the girls up with glue and in the center of the table put out several plates, each filled with the different craft items. At the end a little ribbon or bow, perhaps and Voila! A lovely spring hat!        Girls between the ages of 3 – 7  usually love that idea. I’ve done it over and over again with great success…and I live in the Northern part of the continent!

Boys can enjoy this kind of  a party too – again, go to the dollar store and buy plain ball caps – but instead of flowers and butterflies, give them puffy paint to  squeeze on. These will need overnight to dry to they can’t take them home right away unless a parent is willing to carry it very carefully for them (a ruined piece of art is a huge disappointment to a child). Older girls enjoy this craft too.

Sandwiches cut into tiny triangles or even little cocktail wieners with fancy toothpicks, a few matchstick-cut carrot sticks and dip (just use salad dressings in tiny cups) and maybe a little slice of watermelon…all that’s missing now is a fancy cupcake – which, by the way, they can decorate with icing and sprinkles, if you’re looking for another activity (just make sure you get some spring inspired sprinkles…butterflies, flowers etc).

Stay tuned for my upcoming booklet of Party Planning on a Budget – for both adults and kids


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