Medieval Kids Party

March 28, 2009

There is nothing like a little medieval fun. After noticing how much fascination 3 – 6 year olds have with knights and princesses – I thought it would be fun to put on a party that continued to fuel their imagination. I went out and bought cardboard sheets from an art supply store to create several shields and swords for the knights. Now the key for the swords is to make it corrugated cardboard – that way it will hold up to swashbuckling but won’t hurt anyone should the knight in question accidentally hit his opponent. I attached wide elastic “bands” from the fabric store to the back of the shields, using brads to keep them held on. This way the kids can slip them over their arms. Using shiny/glittery paper I glued on the initial of each child’s name in the center of the shield – the activity part of the party was that the kids had to decorate their own shields and swords using markers and stickers – glue and glitter isn’t good because the kids can’t play with them as they don’t dry fast enough (no – don’t get out your hot glue gun – you’re just spoiling their fun that way – let them create – not you). I also made a bunch of princess hats – tall cones with a tiny veil of material hot glued to the top; and wants with a star or styrofoam ball on top and paper streamers tied around. Again – the activity is for the kids to decorate their hats and wands.

I went to the grocery/drug store to get some large (try diaper boxes) cardboard boxes and I cut , duct taped and stapled them together to create a small, low castle – perfect for indoors.

Once all decorated up – we went outside and had a short parade from the front into the backyard. They all had a chance to chase imaginary dragons with their shields and swords and make decrees/or cast spells, using their wands. Afterwards – it was back indoors for some cake…what a magical afternoon!

These kids are all 18 – 20 years old now and whenever I see them they recall, vividly, their medieval experience and tell me how much fun it was to make believe. They also tell me that they don’t remember the castle being so little.

It doesn’t always have to be  Big Big Big! You can create magic with some bristol board and remnant material (princess hats) and cardboard and markers. And the tiny castle was simply an area for them to let their imaginations flow -a simple prop – all from the grocery store – for free.

I will have more $$ Parties on a Budget $$   with all the how-tos in my upcoming booklet – stay tuned!


One Response to “Medieval Kids Party”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Great read!

    Love the theme ideas. Knights and Princesses love it!! 🙂

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