Kitchen Party

February 19, 2009

You know what I’m talking about – right? Kinda like a Tupperware party but with cooking products. O.K. listen, I don’t do those kinds of parties – cocktails parties – yes, baby showers or themed parties – well, you already know I do that.But a party where stuff is being marketed? Nope – not my thing. However, I made an exception (we all know about exceptions, don’t we?) and attended one at a friend’s house. The  party was nice – no pressure and this company had really great stuff (I love to cook!). Interesting demonstration, delicious too (they always cook something). Then the dreaded announcement; “who would like to book at party?” My hand goes up ( wasn’t I sitting on those hands?). I agreed to book a party to support my friend who was hosting this party – plus – I was thinking that the first of February – dead of winter – it would be fun to have a group of gals come over, share a glass of wine and watch a little cooking show. I invite an impressive list of girlfriends – and although I insist that I expect no one to buy (yeah, I know that seems to defeat the purpose) just to come for wine..I am completely surprised by how many of them deline the invite – saying that they’ve been to one before at some point in their lives. Now – I wasn’t looking for sales – anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a hard sell kind of gal – I was looking for support…so that was a real eye-opener.

I did end up with a lovely group of 8 ladies and I hoped I wasn’t wasting the Cooking Gal’s Sunday afternoon. She arrived quietly cheerful (I told you she was no pressure) and set up while I scurried around the house. fretting that I had planned this party in the afternoon …what was I thinkinng? Dust is so visible then – there’s no candlelight to disguise it – damn!

People arrived – wine was poured – laughter filled my kitchen area. Then onto the demonstration. Cooking Gal was going to do a baked brie with almonds…did I have all the ingredients as requested? Yes indeed. She had wanted a 4 – 6 inch brie which I said I had. Now – I never did very well in math – so when I pulled out my brie and saw Cooking Gal’s eyes pop out, I quickly got out my ruler…..oops! My brie was 10 inches in diameter. 6 – 8 -10, what’s the difference? It’s brie after all (and I do love my cheese!). Cooking Gal began to worry about how well the recipe would work – you know, length of time and everything. The whole time I’m thinking, it’s brie – just shove it in the oven and hope for the best!  As she began her demonstration she kept referring to the size of my brie the way that men refer to the size of their…..

The laughter and conversation continued – the brie turned out perfectly (I’m still walking on the treadmill overtime to compensate for that) and Cooking Gal sold $600. worth of kitchen stuff! Wow! I never expected that!  You know what? It ended up being a really fun afternoon – my friends went home happy, Cooking Gal went home happy and me – I parked myself on the end of the couch with a nice glass of wine and the rest of the brie and flipped throught the catalogue choosing my “gifts”…..hmmmmm I wonder if Victoria Secret does any of these parties?

Stay tuned for my upcoming $$ Party Planning on a Budget $$ booklet – complete with how-tos


8 Responses to “Kitchen Party”

  1. Tracy Says:

    1. tracy Says:
    February 19th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Wow – sounds like a perfect afternoon – Glad it turned out so well! There’s nothing like a kitchen gathering!

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